Top-ranked business school, IMD has released the new Digital Business Acceleration Series which will include Digital Bootcamp, Digital Strategy, Digital Leadership, and Digital Execution. These four new programmes will provide an introduction to today’s most disruptive technologies and they will be launched during 2017. Additional programmes on digital analytics and finance are to come in 2018.

The pace of digital transformation continues to speed up dramatically. No industries have been left untouched any many businesses risk being left behind. In order to address this, IMD’s new series of short programs (2.5 days) on digital business transformation aim to boost business leaders and senior managers’ digital skills and create new value for their companies.

“These courses are meant to take executives on a learning journey through the digital landscape,” says IMD Professor Misiek Piskorski, Director of the Series. “Whether executives are new to digital, changing responsibilities, experienced in digital or are already undergoing transformation, there are courses for everyone.”

The digital acceleration series programmes will be held as several 2.5 day sessions throughout the year and can be taken as part of a journey to explore numerous areas of today’s digital business landscape.

As a response to the digital threats and opportunities that have arisen from the profound affect technology is having on the business world, IMD previously launched Leading Digital Business Transformation. These programs also add to IMD’s already robust offering of programs focused on doing business in today’s increasingly digital world including Digital Supply Chain Management, Digital Marketing Strategies and Digital Disruption (online-based).

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