One of professor Igor Gladkikh’s (St. Petersburg State University) pursuits has been developing suitable management teaching methods for newly minted Russian students.

What area of research are you currently working on?
Pricing Strategy, Price Management, Pricing Research, Case Teaching for business students.

A case study that you think is important. Why?
The case method is very important in business education.

This is a good way to make future managers already in the student audience to do the work that they will do after graduation. It is hard to think of another such method, which allows you to simultaneously solve a large number of training tasks.

A management book you think highly of (written by someone else). Why?
I have read all publications by Dr. Hermann Simon with great interest. For me this is a very good example of how to professionally combine theory and practice of management and marketing.

I have recently read the new edition by T. Nagel end J. Hogan:

Nagel, Thomas T. The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing: a guide to growing more profitably [Текст] / Thomas T. Nagel, John E. Hogan, Joseph Zale. – 5th ed.– Prentice-Hall. – 2011. – 334 p .– ISBN: 0136106811

This book is probably known to all specialists in the field of Pricing Strategy. For me, the authors show an example of how you can keep the interest of the reader to a book for many years. It is very interesting to see how views of the authors change in time.

A very recent business or management title you read, and its significant lessons.
With interest I read the materials about the price of electric cars. It is too early to draw conclusions, but I think the lessons of this market will make interesting observations about how a value as perceived by customers is formed.

What is one of your well-liked teaching moments (case, discussion topic, …)?
I experienced great satisfaction when attained learning objectives specified working on a case. I remember how I worked on one of Undergraduate programs with its mini-cases in which students had to find new solutions to the pricing of tickets for football matches. Time for reflection was very little. I feared that their proposals would be far from life. And I was very pleased to hear when each of the proposal offered by the Pricing Strategy students was complemented by decisions in the other elements of the marketing-mix. This meant that the students formed a professional opinion on management decisions. The case helped solve one of the most difficult training tasks, which I put to myself.

When working with students at Executive Education programs I really like to invite the heads of companies on which the case was based, to the discussion of case study when I can. This discussion is very difficult to manage, but everyone remembers a discussion for a long time. Unfortunately, in practice, one can rarely organize such a discussion.

What was your most interesting consulting assignment? Why?
What was your most interesting consulting assignment? Why?

It has long been one of the small enterprises in Russia. They are releasing the original version of the small trucks (hand cart). They are very active buying by those who need to move cargo without a car. We have a very high volume of sales. But the peculiarity of the situation that we find it hard to understand prices. The purchasing power of those for whom they are intended is very low. At the same time, we understand that for a long time, we can not sell this product. When the competition has intensified, they have to look for something new. But how to increase profits?
The case was interesting for me because it demonstrated that the solution usually lies not where one is looking for it. In the area of pricing change nothing was impossible. But the methods of value analysis helped me. Some functions are incorporated into a product, brand were useless to the buyer. We have simplified the product and hence reduced costs. In this case, the buyer did not notice any changes in the product. The company executives were very surprised. They thought that the buyer had purchased their product only because of those qualities.

If tomorrow you could occupy an executive function in any company, what function and company? Why?
More than 15 years I have been creating a new system of business education in Russia. Therefore, any function related to training me well understood. With regard to marketing and Pricing, it consulting, it seems to me, gives more opportunities to learn new things than working in one company.