Casium aims to provide through its synopses of case studies, review of latest management and business books, professor interviews and video-casts a serious source of management knowledge which hold an appeal to the worldwide community of thought leaders and influencers for tomorrow’s managerial leaders.

Re-launched in the Spring of 2017, Casium website aims to appeal to this discerning and quality target group which is affluent, knowledgeable, and highly productive. Besides the offering of its website, Casium also publishes a regular fortnightly global newsletter which reaches out to about 10,000 professors of elite business schools around the world. So if you want to reach out to a premium set of readers of the website or reach quality business schools, Casium must be on your media planning list.

What opportunities does Casium offer?

  • Advertising space on the website
  • Advertising space on the fortnightly newsletter
  • Sponsorship of a recently published case study, to boost awareness
  • Sponsorship of a recently published management or business book
  • Creation of a videocast series based on a book or case study

Who should advertise with us?

  • Business and management schools
  • Global corporations and companies – airlines, hotels, computing and telecom, automotive and   automobile, financial services, insurance, brokerage, watches etc
  • Consulting firms
  • Publishing firms and database providers

Casium website advertising rates

Column headers: Format – Placement – Size (pixels) – Rate (Euros/month)

  • Leader Board Banner at the top of website- Entire Website – 728×90 – Euros 800 monthly
  • Footer Banner – Entire Website – 728×90 – Euros 600 monthly
  • Small Banners – Home page and inside pages – 468×60: Euros 400 monthly
  • Square Island Banner – Home Page and Inside Pages – 300×250: Euros 500 monthly
  • Skyscrapers Banner – Home Page and Inside Pages -160×600 – Euros 350 monthly

Casium fortnightly newsletter advertising rates

  • Newsletter (blast) Top banner 468 x 60 – Euros 600 per fortnight
  • Button 1- 180 x 150 –  Euros 400 Monthly
  • Button 2 – 125 x 125 –  Euros 350 Monthly

Casium partner collaborations

  • Sponsor a case study – Euros 500
  • Sponsor a book review – Euros 1,000
  • Convert a book review in a video-cast – Euros 4,500

Long-term partnerships:

Six-month partnership……………..Euros 25,000
Twelve-month partnership………..Euros 40,000

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